m i N I S t r y

"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this
on my behalf is welcoming me."

Matthew 18:5

Kids LOVE New Life Christian Church! Every Sunday, our team is dedicated to serve our children in a safe, loving and engaging environment!

During each of our services, our kid ministry provides much more than childcare; we teach our kids the truths of the Bible. From the moment you drop your child off to the moment you pick them up, they experience safe, age-specific environments designed with them in mind. Our NL Kids Team presents fun and engaging church services that clearly communicate biblical truth.

As you drop off your child, you will be given a check-in code, in case your child needs your attention. If necessary, the team will attempt to reach you by your cell, or come get you in the sanctuary.

Age Groups

Nursery: Newborn - 15 Months

NL Littles: 16 Months-Kindergarten

NL Kids: 1st Grade-5th Grade

Kid Service

Sunday Mornings


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